Monday, June 9, 2014

Getting That Itch

Sometime around May every year that feeling starts to set in.... When's Halloween? It's right around that six month mark, the exact time that's the furthest from my favorite holiday. I recently went to Portland/Seattle for a little trip and found myself in the EMP, a really nifty pop culture museum. They had an exhibit on Science Fiction, Fantasy, and (gasp) Horror genres. They feature a LOT of cool props from movies, books, and games (hand written Magic cards!), and it's super cool. The horror exhibit had a bunch of movie monster props, and coupled with the chilled northern air, my instinct to pull out the spooky decor kicked in.
It was cool to see such an iconic piece up close. It's painted using the same techniques I used in the haunt industry.

DAAAAA Zombie Costume that was in "Thriller"

The real deal. The costume from the movie.