Friday, August 28, 2015

It's Heeeerrreeeee

I took a grocery trip to my local, friendly H.E.B. only to find these fellas on the shelves. School just started this week, so that means as soon as the binders and college rule notebooks are packed away, the best season of the year officially arrives.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Getting Closer By The Day

Last year I discovered Dinosaur Dracula, and watched, like, EVERY video he put up about Halloween. When I need that little October feeling in my life, I can throw on one of his videos, and scratch that itch.  A few weeks ago a couple of friends and I decided to try and do a Halloween podcast. It didn't work out so hot, and we kind of dropped the whole thing, but Dino Drac had the same idea it seems. Him and a buddy have done two episodes of the "Purple Stuff Podcast", and so far it's gold. The second episode was about childhood fears, and it got me reallllly thinking about mine (aliens, dingus!). Maybe we'll give our podcast a second go and try and put her up. Maybe.

In the mean time, I made a little animation for you, as well as trying to get The Spook Troops up and going..... again. So much time, so little energy.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The 2015 Season Approaches

Ok, we've hit August. I've seen the Fall decor in craft stores since late May, but I didn't get my first peek of anything department store-ish until this week.

We've got our first seasonal beer on the shelves at HEB (Mueller for you locals).  Out Of Your Gourd Pumpkin Porter, eh? I'll have to give these fellas a shot here pretty shortly.

I also saw a pinball machine called "Monster Bash", which the classic horror icons are a rock band. Obvi.