Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Lego Monster MiniFigs

These Lego Monster Minifig Blind Boxes are going to ruin me.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Monsters of the Grid Iron

Do you guys remember Monsters of the Gridiron?

I was never a kid that was into sports, but I remember thinking these were super cool. I lost these somewhere, alongside my Goosebumps collection, but a good friend of mine had Ronnie "The Rattler" Lott's card and generously gave it to me!

They never really scared me, but I did get weirdly creeped out by some of the make up.  Apparently there was some sort of contest, but I don't remember that in the slightest.

There's even a BEHIND THE SCENES video over on the NFL site. This is the most enthusastic I've ever been about pro sports.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Creepy Content To Consume

I'm gonna assemble a fairly standard list of brain-melting creepy, gourd-centric, and Hallowhimsical movies and tv shows to watch throughout the season:
Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Hocus Pocus
Nightmare Before Christmas
Trick r’ Treat
Halloween Series
Nightmare on Elm Street Series
Friday The 13th Series
Ernest Scared Stupid
Halloween is Grinch Night
Trick Or Treat
Cabin In The Woods
Under Wraps
Tower of Terror
The Haunted Mansion
Child's Play Series
3 Community Halloween Episodes
Addams Family

First Trip To Spirit 2015

Took my first trip of the 2015 Halloween season to my local Spirit Halloween... of which there only seem to be 2 so far. Check out a very short, unimportant video of stuff that I liked.